Same Day or 24Hrs. Printing!!, 24/7 Services for Printing, Designing, Quote / Questions. FREE 1 Hour Artwork / Setup Charges, 10lb ground shipping, Keep / Review Records, Direct Meeting & Direct Delivery (Detroit MI-Tri County areas only). Our FREE Local Pickup "7 days a week" ( 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM ) !

Signs & Banners

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One of the biggest challenge is to preparing for an event; is developing an overall presence and that will stand out and say something about the event. Signs & Banners are so helpful for the event like Election Campaign, Fundraising, Conferences, Inaugurations, Prom Parties, Exhibitions, Birthday, Wedding Parties, Trade Shows, Community Gatherings, College Fairs, School Programs, Dance Programs, Dance School "Rangpravesh / Arangetram", Special Events, Obituary Viewings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Home Health Cares, Office, Club, Church and much more. We are offering Low Cost Sign Installation services.

Vinyl/Flex - $1.99' / Sqr.

VINYL / FLEX BANNER:- Indoor/outdoor purpose can be used with same Day or 24/7 Production. Bulk Order Discount are limited up to 60% . We offer 13oz, 15oz, 16oz and 18oz thickness with Matt / Gloss single or Double Side printing. Our 15oz-18oz Banner material are suitable for the street banners and light pole banners. Corner Welding Plate, Hem and Grommets are Free; Rope and Pole Pockets are our low cost service. We can go upto 10FT width before seam, Options available are Corner Welding Plates and Grommets; Rope and Pole Pockets are our low cost services.

Poster: HDPE $2.99' & Canvas: $6.50'

HDPE BANNER:HD Polyethylene paper with single side printing, available option is Contour Cut, having 150 GmsText thickness. Maximum size 4'x 100' with High resolution printing 720 x 720. CANVAS BANNER: Poly-cotton w/semi-gloss type can go upto maximum 74 inch Wide print having 11oz, avilable options is Contour with Single Side Printing. Maximum size 6'x 100' with High resolution printing 720 x 720

Fabric $2.99/$9.99 * Mesh $4.99

9 oz. Wrinkle Free three layered woven Fabric Banner is 100% Polyester with wrinkle resistant and low light reflective. Maximum size 8'x 100' with High resolution printing 720 x 720. Classic Fabric Blockout Banners: are double layer of acrylic coating with 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton; is privent light reflection. Fabric Banners are Wrinkle Free, durable, scratch resistant & washable. Commonly used for Indoor/outdoor purpose of Banner Display, Table Tops, Photo Backdrops and elegant Pop Display. Maximum size 8'x 150' with High resolution printing 720 x 720. Mesh banners: are 8 oz. can be used for Indoor/outdoor purposes. Don't worry about the Air Flow; it has 37% of Air Flow capability. Single piece maximum size 10' x 145' w/o pocket and 9.5' x 145' w/ pocket with High resolution printing 720 x 72, offering FREE Corner Welding, Plates and Grommets. Rope and Pole Pockets are our low cost services.

Poster/Banner Gloss-> $3.99 / Sqr.

Bright White Satin Utility Paper, are able to print single side. Short time Indoor Purpose only can use and print upto 50 inch width.



Coroplast/Yard Sign 48" X 96"

Coroplast / Yardsign with FREE Trim sizes are Durable, Long Lasting and Less Expensive with Single / Double Sided - 4mm (3/16 inch or "almost .25"), 6mm (1/4 inch or .25") and 10mm (3/8 inch or .375")thickness. Our 6 color high quality imprint with or without Gloss lamination finish printout can be used for Indoor / Outdoor purpose. For Single Side Printing $80 and Double Sided $100. FREE Trim Sizes are available: 12 x 8_48, 12 x 6_64, 24 x 6_32, 11 x 11_32, 12 x 12_32, 12 x 16_24, 24 X 18_10, 12 X 18_20, 18 X 30_6, 30 X 18_8, 20 X 30_6, 18 X 24_8, 24 X 24_8, 48 x 18_5, 20 x 24_8, 24 x 20_8, 24 x 16_12, 24 x 30_6, 24 x 32_6, 36 x 24_4, 24 x 36_5, 36 x 18_5, 24 x 96_2, 22 X 28_6, 43 x 27_3, 44 X 28_3, 36 x 36_2, 36 x 48_2, 48 x 48_2, 48_96_1, 24 x 48_4, 48 x 96_1. For shipping, this size will score and fold, we will provide STEP STAKES or stay $79.99 / Box (50ct)We are offering seasonal DISCOUNT. For the discount orders, order must go more than 10 sheets of WIDTH x HEIGHT 48"x96" (4'x8'). Check with our FAST TRACK Election Campaign Digital & Printing programs including Trade Mark/Logs/Seal with Discoun..

Coroplast Step Stakes

STEP STAKES: Wire sign holder for small to medium corrugated plastic signs. Suggested sign panel size: up to 24" x 18". 9 ga. zinc plated finish wire. Measurements can vary within 1/2". The size of the step is 30" x 10" and is so easy to fix on Eirth.

Step and Repeat Backdrop

Step and Repeat Backdrop & Retractable Banners: The roller type banners having its own stand and for the set up time is too short. Once you place an order with us; you will get assembled ready to go printed banner, stand and with carry cases; price are included with these services. Standard size are 96" x 96", 108" x 96", 120" x 96"(Stand + Insert); using 9 oz Wrinkle Free Washable Fabrics. Back Drop- Large Tube is portable and ideal with pole pocket background display can be used for trade shows and meetings.

Foam Board - Foam Core / PVC 4'X 8'

Photo Quality, Durable and Long Lasting Single/Double side printing with thickness are: FOAMCORE 4mm (3/16 inch or "almost .25"), PVC 3mm (3/32 inch or .128") & 6mm (1/4 inch or .25"). These are so helpful for tag pictures and advertisements to the general public. We produce 6 Color impressions with or without Gloss Lamination finish. Out FREE trim size with quanties are 24" x 18" #10; 30" x 18" #8; 24" x 24" #8; 18" x12" #16; 12" x 18" #20; 24" x 32" #6; 36" x 24" #4; 24" x 36" #5; 36" x 18" #5; 44" x 28" #3; 48" x 24" #4; 48" x 48" #2; 48" x 96" #1; 12" x 18" #20 can be used Indoor / Outdoor purpose.

Polystyrene 48" X 96"

We will print on White semi-rigid plastic, can be used for Indoor/ Outdoor purpose having (1/32 inch or .0312") thickness. Single/Double Side Printing on 4'x 9' sheet amounted $110 / $130. We do imprint on the board with or without Gloss lamination finish. For the discount, order must go more than 10 sheets of WIDTH x HEIGHT 48"x96". We are also offering the FREE Trim of 24" x 18" #10; 30" x 18" #8; 24" x 24" #8; 18" x12" #16; 12" x 18" #20; 24" x 32" #6; 36" x 24" #4; 24" x 36" #5; 36" x 18" #5; 44" x 28" #3; 48" x 24" #4; 48" x 48" #2; 48" x 96" #1; 12" x 18" #20. Upon your request we will do your Artwork/Digital file setup; additional charges will apply.

Adhesive Signs

5 Year Rating PVC Clear or Plain sheet can be used for Car, Truck and or any kind of indoor/outdoor OFFICE / BUSINESS / STORE purposes. We offer FREE Contour Cut & Gloss / Matte Lamination finish. ONE WAY WINDOW / WINDOW PERFORATE: 4 mil & 8 mil thickness Perforated White Vinyl print with single side printing 50/50 Visibility. It can be used for CAR / TRUCK or in OFFICE / BUSINESS / STORE; can Advertise to outside and visibile from the inside. Offering Low Cost Installation services for our local areas & Detroit Tri-Counties. FLOOR GRAPHIC: Expand your creative potential ideas on your floor.

"ORAJET 3651:- >3 & 4 mil thckness; it will easily go upto 5 years out door with single side printing. It is a PVC film and having 52 inch wide. Options:- Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination and Contour Cut. 3M CONTROLTAC IJ180:- Long Lasting Graphics Printing on 2mil thick doing with high Pressure activate. We do Single-Side Printing and can go 52 inch width. We have Contour Cut Options.

"ORALITE 5600 REFLECTIVE:- Fleet engineering-grade reflective film with a 7-years easy to go. It is an outdoor durabilty rating one and can go maximumm 52 inch wide. Options:- Contour Cut. DUALVIEW WINDOW:- Low-Tac adhesion. Single or Double-sided. We do upto 52 and 4' x 8' images maximum persheet can go. We have Contour Cut Options available.

"LOW-TAC WALL DRESSING:- With a fabric/wallpaper-like texture, Low-Tac is ideal for printed wall graphics (as it is easily removable). Low-Tac is UV coated and available for contour cutting. Material width is 52" single side printing. DRY ERASE VINYL(ORACAL 3651):- Dry Erase prints are perfect for home, office, and educational environments. We can be applied to virtually any flat surface. Max width is 50" single side printing. We have Contour Cut Options available.


We do 24 inch Maximum width with 30mil:- 18" x 12"_$24, 24" x 12"_$30, 24" x 18"_$42, 42" x 12"_$60, 72" x 24"_$180. Business Card Magnets #500_$90.

Roll Labels

Customize your full-color digital roll labels on a multiple types of materials with various size & shapes (Circle, Rounded Rectangle, Rounded Square, Starburst, Oval).


It will help you to display your messages. We are offering a High-quality full-color offset and digital on 60 lb. Gloss Coated Crack & Peel Label with UV Lamination; indoor use only.

Window Clings

Display advertisements on glass surfaces such as windows; available on full-color digital with one side on 8 mil White Static Cling Vinyl. Ask for various sizes.

Window Decals

An unused space can use into an effective advertisement. This thick and low-tack adhesive can apply in any cleaned or flat surface and easy to reposition.


High-quality, full-color offset and digital printing available on multiple paper stocks and in various sizes. Calendars are stitch bound, and can hold 12-32 pages. Hole drilling is also available.

Business Card - TRIFECTA

High-quality, full-color offset; available on 24pt has the color options in Green, Red & Black Middle Layer with SILKY FINISH.

Business Cards - Rip

This is a better tool for the customers to pass by your advertisement by providing your contact details on the tear-off portion and ensure you will be remembered. High-quality, full-color offset and digital printing available on multiple premium paper stocks and in various sizes. Several coating options are also available.

Mini / Pocket Brochures

It is a 4 Panel Brochures convenient to carry at anywhere. We will print on 100 lb. Gloss Text with Aqueous Coating under the size of 4" x 10".


A-Frame Signs

STANDARD A-FRAME White-Heavy-duty plastic A-frame; Adhesive vinyl graphics (36"H x 24" W)$199. DELUXE A-FRAME Heavy-duty plastic sandwich board; Quick change coroplast graphics (36"H x 24"W)$299 "Black Deluxe Color is available". SIMPOSIGN II A-FRAME Lightweight and ideal for portability; Quick change coroplast graphics (28"H x 22"W)$289. Upon your request we will do your ARTWORK; charges will apply.

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Mini Pocket Brochures

4 Panel Brochure is convenient to carry at anywhere; having the size 4" x 10.

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